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The Spring 2024 Collection is here!

What inspired the spring collection? What do you love about it? 

When I started painting this collection I had just gotten a pallet of jelly gouache. I had never heard of it, but during some late-night doom scrolling, as one does, I impulse-bought a set. 😬 Oh my goodness, jelly gouache is so much fun to paint with. The colors are so bold and I love the inherent opacity of the pigment. I still paint with it like watercolor, which enables that loose floral feel in the art that I love. Since I was jazzed about this new pallet I had to experiment and the first painting I did wound up setting the whole tone for the card pack- it was the turquoise card design if you’re wondering. I liked the look and feel of these designs, which were a good contrast with my more typical hand-painted, water-color cards. I wanted to make sure there was a fair amount of differentiation for our first printed set of cards and the fact that I got that result on the first try with a brand new set of paint, well it was kismet for me.

What is your artistic beige flag? 

Ha! Oh so many!  But as it pertains to Hello Petunia in particular…I will paint a card for someone, I will write a lovely note inside it, I will address the envelope, and then… I am incapable of mailing that card until I find the perfect stamp. Secret share time? I am a crazy stamp collector lady and have been since I was a child. For the longest time, my most prized possession was a bicentennial stamp of Sybil Ludington, hometown hero, iykyk. 

Who is your next handwritten card going to be sent to? 

This is a tough one because I currently have a cache of cute stamps waiting to be used… I think it will have to be a birthday card for my grandma's twin sister. Plus, all the handwritten notes I plan to send to all the lovelies who order this first set!

CMYK Purple card Mar 2024.jpf

Railyard Arts Studio’s holiday boutique highlights the talent of local artists

December 15, 2022

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